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The Attachment IS The Machine

Clamshell Grapples - Thumbs - Quick Attaches - Cylinders - Buckets 

Towtem is the finest grapple on the market. We make the most versatile articulated clamshell with 360 degree continuous rotation! 

Look at what you can do with one attachment!

Land Clearing   Digging   Logging   Rock Placing   Refuse Handling   Pole Setting   Ditching   Wall Building   Dredging   Mining  

All with one Attachment!

And we have FOUR different bucket styles.

SB - Standard Bucket

BB - Boulder Bucket

BR - Brush Rake

RP- Refuse Packer

BH - Block Handler

With more than 40 years of steel fabrication experience, we have developed techniques to make the strongest and most durable grapple without unnecessary weight. This attachment has been continuously developed.

Towtem also manufactures our own cylinders and swivels in order to assure long life and functional stability of any piece of equipment. We use only the highest quality steel and seals in our cylinders. 

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Sparrow Design Group, Inc., Spokane Valley, WA

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